We help the people around us. We help (in) Pilsen!

We help people who really need help

The public collection Helping Pilsen is intended for those who find themselves in a difficult financial situation and find it impossible to solve their condition on their own. The collection proceeds will be used to cover the costs associated with securing long-term housing - payment of rent and related services and utilities, security deposit, purchase of essential equipment for

the apartment, and other necessary needs related to integration into society. The donee can be a single parent, refugee, senior citizen, homeless person, or a low-income person. The donation can help them start a better life or solve a difficult situation.

Why does the collection exist?

Any of us can appear in a situation where we lack money for something we need. It can be a bed, rent deposit, compensatory aids, or school and nursery equipment. Therefore, the City of Pilsen decided to create a bridge among the inhabitants of Pilsen. Among those who want to give money from their pocket and those who struggle and have little, even though they strive.

Who do we do this for?

We do it for everyone who lives in Pilsen. We will consider the applicant's specific situation, possibilities, and legitimate needs. The donation amount can be up to 100,000 CZK yearly. Such an amount can mean a significant improvement in someone's life or help in an emergency. The result may be that life in Pilsen will be a little better again for its inhabitants.

single mothers
ukrainian refugees
senior citizens
and other people who need support

How does the collection help?

The collection began on March 8, 2022, and the distribution of donations is just getting underway. We will help people who need to pay their security deposit or rent and cannot save up for these expenses from their salary. It can be a single parent, pensioner, or refugee. We will help seniors who cannot afford their first rent because they have been financially exhausted by paying for a security deposit or regular living costs, for example. We will help parents who cannot afford school supplies and interest clubs for their children and help them get a better start in life.

Does that make sense to you?

Donate now.

Public collection Helping Pilsen

The statutory city of Pilsen - Helping Pilsen


CZ64 0100 0001 2354 4379 0227

Account holder: The Statutory City of Pilsen

Collection account number of the City of Pilsen


Payment from abroad

IBAN: CZ64 0100 0001 2354 43790227

Link to the transparent account


Confirmation of the gift

If you need a confirmation of the gift, write to uctarna@plzen.eu

The proceeds of the Helping Pilsen collection will be used exclusively

to cover the costs associated with securing long-term housing, i.e., rent and

related utilities and energy, security deposits, purchases of basic apartment

equipment, and other needs related to integration into society.

The collection account is maintained as a transparent account. It means

that if you send any funds to the account, it will display the following

information: the payer's account name, account number, payment amount and

currency, the date the payment was credited or debited, payment description,

message to the recipient, and variable, constant and specific symbol, if any.

Therefore, by donating to this fundraising account, you consent to disclose

your name/payer's account name and other information provided, including the

amount sent.