Do you need help?

The public collection Helping Pilsen was created because many people in Pilsen have housing problems and are in housing need. Housing need means that a person has unstable, poor quality housing, lives in an overcrowded apartment or house, or housing is too expensive for them. It is also difficult to move because it is very expensive. In many cases, the only thing needed to solve housing problems is money. Even though one may try their best, it may not be enough sometimes. For these people in particular, money from donors can help start a better housing situation.

Who can apply for a donation from the Helping Pilsen public collection?

Anyone who finds themselves in a problematic living situation related to housing and does not have enough money to solve the situation on their own, i.e.:
  1. people who have a residence, doctor, family, school or job in Pilsen and need to live in Pilsen, or already live in Pilsen but are not comfortable with their housing situation there
  2. refugees fleeing from the war in Ukraine who decided to live and work in Pilsen long term due to the war conflict
  3. the application can also be submitted by non-profit organisations and entrepreneurs who help people with housing, including those who plan to help.

It is possible to apply for up to CZK 100 000.

What the donation money can be used for?

Can be used for:

security deposit, real estate agency fee, rent, utilities
basic and necessary equipment - bed, table, washing machine, fridge, etc.
transport to work - contribution to Pilsen public transportation card
necessary school supplies
aids for the disabled

Can't be used for:

the first rent in the apartment provided by the City
of Pilsen and debts incurred for living in a municipal apartment
debts, for example for rent, loans, credits, etc.
for matters and services not directly related to housing and integration into society in Pilsen

How to apply


The application must be submitted on a completed form. It is necessary to fill in the application form truthfully and to describe the applicant's situation as accurately as possible. After submitting the application, the applicant may be asked to provide evidence of the relevant facts stated in the application and to verify the accuracy of the information provided or to complete it.

The completed and signed application, together with all attachments, must be delivered to the ODBSZ MMP, Jagellonská 8, Pilsen or to the mailroom of the Municipality of Pilsen, Škroupova 5, Pilsen, or by data box (ID 6iybfxn).

Download the application form here:


Applications up to CZK 20,000 will be considered as soon as possible.. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that requests over CZK 20,000 must be extra approved by the City Council of Pilsen, which meets on specified dates.

Find more information about the public collection here:


If the application is approved, the applicant will be invited to sign a donation agreement. Once the contract is signed, the money will be paid into their account or by postal order.

Help with filling out the application

If the applicant needs help with filling out the application, they can contact the Department of Affordable Housing and Social Inclusion at Jagellonská 8 in Pilsen. An appointment must be arranged by phone or e-mail.
Phone number
+420 378 034 238

The following organisations can also help with difficult life situations free of charge: